Friday, October 15, 2010

PARIS and back in a flash......

We're waiting patiently for the French goodness to start rolling in with Graham and Louise's return in a couple of weeks!

Miss Molly has loaded up her  stall with fabulous stuff, well worth a visit just to see what sorts of vintage and collectable treasures she has on offer
horses are a firm favourite with this stall, so get on the good foot and GIDDYUP!
Jimminies! what a fab dolls house, don't you just love the storage drawers at bottom and the flippin' lid-hours of fun for the kids.  Jimbo-as well as being a super fellow, has such super duper bargains, and amazing finds, all available in his stall at Ballarat's Mill Markets


This is the lovely foyer that greets you on arrival to Ballarat's Mill Markets.  One of the newest stallholders-Rob (shown here on the right) is forever re-stocking his cabinet, chockers full of bone handled cutlery, bullets, fishing bits, and billions of other odds and sods, we're forever unlocking the cabinet for eager customers to peruse and purchase his very reasonably priced treasures.
So remember, just walk thru the front door, across the magic carpet, and head right, its AMAZING!

Thursday, October 14, 2010



A massive range of cannisters are available from stalls here at The Mill Markets - Ballarat. We're loving the vast array of colours sizes, designs and decades which are sure to delight and suit all decors.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

GET FROCKED @THE SECOND SOCK - the Mill Markets Ballarats update

So many groovy pieces available at the Second Sock, located at the Ballarat Mill Markets.

"Get Frocked" is the vintage clothing label available at the Second Sock,  providing some very cool vintage outfits.

Don't miss your chance to partake in the pleasures that is "The Second Sock"!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

More of the Good Stuff..................

WOODSHED ANTIQUES now so much more intimate........

 (shown in picture-Odd Job Bob  installing the sign for The Woodshed Antiques)

In breaking news...............
 The Woodshed Antiques  has been condensed into a smaller, more intimate Stall, giving a lovely warm feeling that adds to the beauty of the antique pieces,  showcased with an eclectic range of giftware in the form of vintage-style linen and glassware, soft furnishings,ornaments, bookends, plus a selection of beautiful jewelery.

We're looking forward to seeing what delights Louise and Graeme find on their adventures in Europe next month.
Don't forget to check out the article by Chloe Biggin in this edition of "Enterprise" Ballarat Business Review Magazine, one of the features being The Woodshed Antiques, with a gorgeous picture of Louise.


 All-time favourite kitchen dresser-the colours are delicious- the style-retro 50's -the price-very affordable!

Lyn has an interesting mix of re-upholstered occasional pieces, THE CUTEST bird houses,

Have a look for yourself, to appreciate the collection that Lyn has put together, we love it!

Monday, June 21, 2010


The Woodshed Antiques offers a fine selection -  larger antique furniture graces the floors, while softer items compliment the mood of the shop. Contemporary pieces such as  picture frames, glass orbs, gorgeous bookend 'letters', jewellery, plus a quality range of soft furnishings add a unique stylised effect, along with the 'Parisian Style' accessories which add pizazz  to this very classy shop stall.